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Married to Chand Kaur

Maharana Ranjit Singh Merried to Chand Kaur


Engagement of his son Kharak Singh to Chand Kaur, daughter of Jaimul Singh of Kanhaiya misal. There were rejoicing throughout the kingdom. Celebrations continued for several days. Nautch parties were arranged and money was spent lavishly. In one such parties, the Maharaja fell in love with a very beautiful Muslim dancing girl, Moran, whom he ultimately married. She had a great influence over Maharaja and money was coined the inscription of Mor; peacock on it in commemoration of the marriage. The Maharaja performed pilgrimage to Hardwar, accompanied with Moran. Chand Kaur gave birth to Naunihal Singh, Maharaja's grandson.

Chand Kaur

Chand Kaur's Childrens

Kharak Singh
Sher Singh
Tara Singh
Kashmira Singh
Pishora Singh
Multana Singh
Dalip Singh